FAQ / Frequently asked questions

How do I know which cottages and camping pitches are available?

You can check available cottages and campsite pitches from our online booking system.

How do I make a reservation?

You can book a cottage or a campsite pitch through the online booking system. You can also make a reservation by calling or emailing our customer service.

Will I receive a booking confirmation for a booking?

If you make a reservation through the online booking system, you will receive a booking confirmation there immediately. If you make a reservation by phone or email, we will send a booking confirmation by email if you have provided us with your email address. Otherwise we will send the booking confirmation in a letter. If the booking has to be paid in advance, we will send an invoice at the same time.

How do I pay for a reservation?

Reservations made in the online booking system will be paid immediately. Reservations made in any other way will be paid in advance by invoice or at the on-site reception (in the summer restaurant), as agreed. We accept Finnish debit cards, Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard as payment methods. Other payment options may be available in the booking system.

At what point do I need to report my arrival time?

We keep pre-booked cottages and campsite pitches reserved for you until 18:00 / 6pm. If you arrive before that, you do not necessarily need to let us know your arrival time. However, we will be happy to receive information about your arrival time in advance by phone, text message or email, even if you arrive before 18:00 / 6pm. If you only arrive after 18:00 / 6pm, please arrange a later arrival time in advance with our staff, as our staff may not always be there in the evenings. During the winter season, always arrange an arrival time with the staff before arrival, as we are only there by prior arrangement.

How do I cancel a reservation and at what stage should I do so?

Cancellations must always be made by phone or email to our customer service. Information on canceling a reservation can be found on the Booking, rental and cancellation terms page.

What is the equipment in the cottages and what should I bring with me?

Electricity, water and firewood (logs) are included in the rental price of the cottages. The cottages have crockery and utensils for cooking and dining, as well as cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. Toilet papers and paper towels (starter kits) can also be found in the cottages. You will need to bring your own bed linen and towels, but if necessary you can also rent them from us for a different fee (see the prices for services for more details). More detailed information about the equipment of each cottage can be found in the accommodation section on each cottage’s own page.

How many people can stay in the cottages?

The cottages can only accommodate as many people as there are beds in the cottage. The only exceptions are small children who do not require a bed, but sleep, for example, in prams or in their own travel cot. We also have free baby cots available (limited quantity, please check availability in advance).

Can I bring a pet?

You can, but it must be agreed in advance. The information in the cottage pages says whether a pet can be brought to the cottage. Please also note that there is a charge for cleaning up the mess caused by your pet, depending on the cost of cleaning.

Do I need to clean the cottage when I leave?

As a rule, yes. Of course, you can order final cleaning from us for a different fee (see the prices for service for more details).

What should be done in the final cleaning?

The cottage is vacuumed and, if necessary, the floor is wiped with a damp cloth or mop if it is dirty. If necessary, the carpet should be taken out and shaken. Dirt is cleaned from all surfaces (tables, kitchen levels, toilet furniture). Blankets and pillows should be taken out if possible and shaken. The dishes should be washed and all the belongings in the cottage should be put back in their place. The garbage should be taken to trash can and the waste should be sorted at a waste sorting point.

When can I arrive and when should I leave?

Read more about arrival and departure times on the rules and regulations page.