Prices for activities

All prices include VAT 24 %.

We reserve the right to make changes to these prices at any time.

Booking times for activities

Equipment is booked hourly, but the actual booking time is always 10 minutes to a full hour, as the last 10 minutes of time are reserved for equipment maintenance and inspection for the next customer. The actual booking time is therefore 50 minutes / 1 h 50 minutes / 2 h 50 minutes etc. So remember to return the booked equipment back to Tommolansalmi 10 minutes before the end of the booking period.

If you wish to extend the booking period, please contact customer service before the end of the booking period.

The booking period also includes the time required to retrieve and return the rental equipment. Equipment can be picked up at the start of the booking period, but we recommend that you arrive in advance so that our staff will have time to guide you through the use of the equipment before the start of your booking period. The equipment must be returned to the Tommolansalmi at the end of the booking period, as the booking of the next person may start immediately after the end of the booking period.

Free activities

Free activities for children:

  • Trampoline, children’s swings, sand box, playhouse and toys available in the sandbox and in the playhouse
  • Outdoor games
  • Swimming toys
  • Game equipment (badminton, volleyball etc.)
  • Children’s bicycles (a limited number of sizes and only small sizes for children up to 7-8 years old)
  • Children’s skiing equipment (a limited number of sizes)
  • Traditional Finnish kicksled, sledding and other winter equipment for children

Free activities for adults:

  • Fishing rods/handlines
  • Ice-fishing set (rucksack, snow scoop, ice-fishing nails, ice-fishing gear, ice drill)
  • Game equipment (badminton, volleyball etc.)
  • Walking poles for Nordic walking
  • Skiing equipment (a limited number of sizes)
  • Traditional Finnish kicksled
Women’s new Tunturi mountain bike (incl. cycling helmet), 2 pcs€15/hour
Ordinary bicycle for women (incl. cycling helmet), 2 pcs€6/hour
Ordinary bicycle for men (incl. cycling helmet), 2 pcs€6/hour
Ordinary bicycle for schoolchildren (for about 10 years old) (incl. cycling helmet), 2 pcs2 €/hour
New hard sup board for 1-2 people (for a young person or adult, max. 140 kg) (incl. life jackets), 2 pcs€15/hour
Inflatable sup board for one person (for a child, young person or adult, max. 70 kg / 100 kg / 140 kg (incl. life jackets), 3 pcs€10/hour
New Päijän vene rowing boat for four persons, max. 300 kg (incl. life jackets), 1 pc€10/hour
Rowing boat for three persons, max. 230 kg (incl. life jackets), 2 pcs€6/hourGuests staying in holiday cottages: rental -50% once a day. Ask the staff for the discount code for the booking system.
New big canoe for three persons (incl. life jackets), 1 pc€25/hour, extra hours €10/h
Canoe for two persons (incl. life jackets), 1 pc€6/hour, extra hours €3/h
Worms for fishing€6/jar
Fishing permitThe permit can be purchased at the resort’s reception.