Tommolansalmi traditional sauna

Traditional wood-fired Finnish lakeside sauna for rent

Do you want to enjoy the gentle warm steam in the traditional Finnish wooden sauna?

Our atmospheric wood-heated sauna guarantees a relaxing steam bath and a unique sauna experience. Our wooden sauna is located in its own peace on the edge of our resort on the shores of Lake Korpijärvi.

The sauna can be rented by tourists staying in our resort, as well as families, groups of friends, companies and associations from Mäntyharju and the surrounding area.

Enjoying a traditional Finnish sauna experience in natural light

The sauna has a steam room, a dressing room and a terrace. There is no electricity in the sauna, and there is only atmospheric natural light in the sauna.

There is no separate shower, but the washing water is carried from the lake in the traditional Finnish way to the water tank next to the sauna stove to warm it up, and the washing takes place in the sauna room.

When you book a sauna, you can also swim in the clear waters of Lake Korpijärvi and enjoy refreshments on the sauna terrace. You can buy refreshments from our restaurant.

In winter, if the ice situation allows, there is also the possibility of open-air swimming when booking a sauna (the open-air swimming place may also be at the lakeside sauna).

Clean and clear bathing waters and a child-friendly sandy beach

In front of the sauna there is a shallow child-friendly sandy beach and a pier, so the sauna is also suitable for families with children.

Swimming toys are reserved for children on the lakeside sauna terrace. If they are borrowed, they must be returned to the lakeside sauna terrace after the sauna.


One sauna space can accommodate one family or max. group of 4 people.

The sauna can be booked from morning to night. You can even enjoy a night swim in the moonlight and bathe in the sauna at the same time. The seeker of the genuine sauna experience therefore only reserves the sauna after sunset, when the sauna has only atmospheric dim natural light.

The booking time includes time spent dressing.

The sauna is booked during the summer season in our summer restaurant. In winter, the sauna can be booked by contacting our staff.


See our price list for price information.

Heat the sauna yourself or enjoy the pre-heated sauna

The sauna can be rented either pre-heated or you can heat the sauna by yourself.

If you heat the sauna yourself, the booking time is at least 1.5 hours, in which case the booking is always the first of the day.

In this case, the sauna must first be heated (the logs for sauna stove can be found on site) and washing water must be carried from the lake to the sauna.

There is about 1 hour of time for the sauna itself.

When the sauna shift ends, it must be ensured that the sauna is still warm and the water tank is full for the following guests.

The booking time for guests following this is at least 1 hour, at which time guests no longer need to heat the sauna from the beginning, but they must ensure that the sauna stays warm at all times by adding logs to the sauna stove during the sauna as needed. Even then, make sure that the water tank is full for the following customers.

Booking, rental and cancellation terms of the wood-fired sauna

These terms become binding for both parties once the client has made a sauna booking either in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or through the reservation system.

These terms come into force on May 1, 2021 and are valid until further notice.

Booking terms

1. The sauna can be booked by guests staying at our resort as well as families, groups of friends, companies and associations in Mäntyharju and the nearby regions.
2. The person making the reservation must be an adult or show written consent from his or her parent or guardian when making the booking.
3. If the person who made the reservation does not show up when the booking begins, the sauna will be made available for others to book, unless the person who made the reservation has notified us that he or she will be late.
4. If the person is late, the time that the booking ends will still remain the same as in the original booking time and the time booked by the customer will not be postponed, unless there is time available in the booking list after the customer.
5. The customer is responsible for leaving the sauna in the same condition as it was upon arrival, i.e. the sauna is fully cleaned.
6. The customer is responsible for notifying the reception immediately about any observed defects or faults in the sauna.
7. The number of persons in the sauna must not exceed the number given when booking the sauna. The capacity must not be exceeded without separate consent.
8. The sauna booking fee is paid either immediately in the reservation system or at reception at the resort.
9. The resort’s customer service is not responsible for heating the sauna. The person who books the sauna is responsible for making sure that the sauna remains heated for the next customers and that there is water for washing in the sauna.

Cancellation terms

Any cancellations must always be made by phone, by e-mail or at reception at the resort. We confirm the cancellation by sending a cancellation confirmation by e-mail or text message when the cancellation is made by e-mail or phone.
– If the cancellation is made more than 24 h before the booked sauna time, the cancellation will be free of charge.
– If the cancellation is made less than 24 h before the booked sauna time, the full booking fee will be charged.
– If the cancellation is made less than 24 h before the booked sauna time due to a serious illness, the death of an immediate family member or a force majeure, the cancellation will be free of charge. In these cases, the customer must provide a medical certificate.


We reserve the right to make changes.