Tommolansalmi restaurant meal

Summer restaurant, cafe and takeaway

Our summer restaurant-café will serve you during the summer season from morning to night.

Stop for coffee or ice cream and at the same time enjoy the beautiful lake scenery of Lake Korpijärvi! The restaurant has a large covered terrace, so you can take a break with us for a good reason, even in rainy weather!

Our restaurant offers e.g. local food, which we make from ingredients from local producers in our own kitchen. We also have delicious homemade pastries and a wide variety of savory snacks that can also be taken as takeaway meals. In the cold counter you will find a variety of snacks as well as savory delicacies that can be quickly heated in the microwave oven. We also have local organic drinks, refreshing summer drinks and alcoholic beverages in our cooler cabinet.

There are also suitable options for vegans on the menu. We also take food allergies into account when preparing meals. In the case of special diets, please contact our staff in advance so that we can and will have time to get the options that suit you.



Hot and cold dishes

Pastry and desserts

Beverages and drinks

Catering for large groups

If necessary, you can order food and pastries for a larger group. In connection with the events, we have the capacity to prepare food for up to hundreds of participants.

Opening hours

We serve during the summer season (May-August / September):

Monday-Saturday 9:00-22:00 (23:00) / (8am-10/11pm)
Sunday 9:00-21:00 / (9am-9pm)

We open our summer restaurant at the end of May (opening depends on weather conditions). The closure date of the restaurant in the late summer will also depend on the weather and customer situation.

At night, our restaurant’s and campsite reception’s closing time is flexible and it depends on the weather and customer situation. In June and in July we are usually open until late at night in the weekend.

You can get current information about the opening of our summer restaurant in the spring and closing in the autumn on our website and Facebook page.

Dining in the winter

It is also possible to order food for the cottages in winter, for example from local catering service entrepreneurs. Ask more about this from our customer service.

Responsible restaurant operations

The operations of our restaurant are constantly being developed to be more responsible. It is important for us to use raw materials from local producers and to prepare food ourselves from high-quality domestic raw materials. Our restaurant is constantly doing more so called everyday environmental activities to produce more responsible restaurant food. Read more about our responsibility

Takeaway meals

All dishes and pastries on our menu can also be purchased in takeaway versions.

In our cold counter you will also find plenty of options suitable for picnics, such as picnic breads, stuffed buns and vegetable pies, and our cooler cabinet has a wide selection of the most delicious drinks of the summer!

We prepare all meals as well as sweet and savory delicacies on site ourselves from the start, so be prepared to wait a moment for your order to be completed. At the same time, however, you can be sure that you will definitely get fresh local food!

NOTE! During a coronavirus epidemic, our restaurant’s menu and takeaway options are more limited and may vary during the summer!

You can pre-order takeaway meals!

Our summer restaurant is occasionally very busy, so if you want to take your takeaway meal without queuing, place your order by calling or texting or send a message via Whatsapp or Messenger and pick up your order at the time you want!

Restaurant’s phone number is +358 400 754 835.

Have a picnic at Lake Korpijärvi!

Picnic – combine your love of nature with your love of food

In our restaurant you will find a wide variety of delicacies suitable for picnic. For example, our salad meals fill the stomach and are suitable for picnics.

We can make stuffed picnic buns, rolls and breads with the fillings you want to make it last longer on the trip, and the cheese buns and ham buns are suitable to eat even as a snack on a car trip.

Take the coolest drinks of the summer with you as well – in our cooler cabinet you can find, for example, various fresh juices and other refreshing drinks for the summer!

Best picnic places in Tommolansalmi

Korpijärvi is the perfect picnic spot. Borrow a blanket from our restaurant and have a picnic next to the restaurant by the lake. Those staying in our camping area can also have a picnic trip even in the lean-to of the camping area or at the campfire site by the lake.

For those looking for beautiful scenery, the best picnic spot is across the road (from the restaurant), at the end of a small nature trail.

You can also rent a sup-board or rowing boat from us and go on a picnic trip to the nearby Korpisaari island where there is a small grill hut for a break. Ask our restaurant for a route to the island and fill your lunch bag with the restaurant’s summer delicacies!

Restaurant operations during the coronavirus epidemic

During a coronavirus epidemic, our summer restaurant may not operate normally and the restaurant’s menu may change during the summer.

We offer breakfast as well as pastries and homemade food every day, but the menu is more limited than in normal summer.

Food is served at tables and the tables are placed at safety distances from each other.

You can also dine at the tables in the courtyard.

We hope that customers stay in the restaurant so that only one person is at the counter at a time.

We recommend taking meals and delicacies with you as takeaway meals!

For example, you can place an order with us by message in advance and we will deliver the food to you out at the time you want.

When you arrive at the restaurant, read the current operating instructions at the restaurant door.