Lake Korpijärvi Mäntyharju

Hiking in Korpijärvi and nearby areas

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You can rent activities such as canoes, sup boards, boats and bikes from our equipment rental shop.

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Hiking destinations in Tommolansalmi

In Tommolansalmi, you can take (for example with small children) a small walk from the back of the camping area, along a small forest path that starts behind a wooden sauna and runs along the lake shore towards the old Tommola dance building. See the trail’s location on the resort’s area map.

For example, you can also take a small picnic trip on the small nature trail, which is opposite the summer restaurant across the road. A waterproof blanket for excursions can be borrowed from the resort’s reception / summer restaurant.

There are also quiet small forest roads suitable for Nordic walking near Tommolansalmi. Ask the staff for route tips. Nordic walking sticks can be borrowed free of charge from the resort’s reception / summer restaurant.

You can also rent a boat, canoe or sup boards from the equipment rental shop and row or paddle for a picnic on the nearby Korpisaari, which has a grill hut and picnic area at the southern end. Bring firewood and matches, as they may not always be in stock at the grill hut. Firewood can be requested at the resort’s reception / summer restaurant.

Hiking destinations in Lake Korpijärvi and the surrounding area

In the vicinity of Lake Korpijärvi, there are several popular hiking destinations, such as Repovesi National Park, Irja Hannonen Nature Trail, and popular hiking trails in South Karelia, such as the Orrainpolku Trail and the Traces of Ice Age Trail.

Berry picking and mushroom picking

There are excellent berry and mushroom picking terrains nearby. Ask our staff for instructions on how to find the best berry and mushroom picking venues.

Hiking map of the Lake Korpijärvi area

A new hiking map will be published for the Korpijärvi area by summer 2021. Ask our staff for a hiking map.

More information

More information on hiking opportunities in Korpijärvi and the surrounding area, as well as a presentation of all hiking destinations, can be found on the Korpijärvi area’s tourism website:

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