Boats and canoes at Lake Korpijärvi

Equipment rental shop

You can rent activities such as canoes, sup boards, boats and bikes from our equipment rental shop.

Before making a reservation, read the Booking Terms for equipment rental on the Booking Terms page.

Boats and canoes for rent

From Tommolansalmi, you can easily go on a longer rowing trip to Lake Korpijärvi!

Also borrow or rent fishing equipment from us and buy lunch for a summer picnic from our summer restaurant!

We also have canoes for rent, which, however, requires previous experience of canoeing. Also note that some of the canoes are only suitable for adults!

If necessary, we can order more canoes for rent for a larger group also from our partner (requires contacting our staff well in advance).

We have the following boats and canoes for rent:

  • Three-person rowing boat – for rent (for those staying in holiday cottages -50% once a day; ask our staff for the discount code for the reservation system)
  • Four-person rowing boat  – for rent
  • Three-person canoe – for rent
  • Two-person canoe – for rent

The rental price includes a life jacket (limited number of sizes).

Boat and canoe rentals

You can rent boats and canoes during the summer season from our equipment rental shop and during the winter season by contacting our customer service.


See boat and canoe rental prices in our activity price list.

Note! Guests staying in large holiday cottages can rent a regular rowing boat once a day at a -50% discount. Ask our staff for a discount code for the booking system / equipment rental shop.

Korpijärvi area hiking map

A special hiking map has been made for the Lake Korpijärvi area, which will also allow you to plan rowing and canoeing routes in the nearby Tommolansalmi waterways. Ask our staff for a hiking map.

More information

More information on suitable excursion destinations in Lake Korpijärvi can be found on the Korpijärvi area travel website:

See especially this page: