Tommolansalmi campsite

Company presentation

A stress-free holiday at Lake Korpijärvi

Lomakeskus Tommolansalmi (Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre) is located at Mäntyharju, between Mikkeli and Kouvola alongside Route 15. We offer accommodation and several services for tourists year-round.

Our small and idyllic holiday centre is situated by the Lake Korpijärvi, which offers diverse recreational opportunities for fishermen and water sports enthusiasts.

We want to offer our clients:

  • a relaxed holiday atmosphere
  • accommodation options for different needs
  • several supplementary services
  • activities for the whole family
  • great customer service
  • beautiful lake and pine forest landscape

Our customer service, our expertise and our success is based on our long history. Our company was founded in 1979.

Come and experience what a stress-free holiday at Lake Korpijärvi is like!

Company history

A long family business history from the “golden age of camping” to the present day

The history of the Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre dates back to the early 1970s, the “golden age of camping”, when the municipality of Mäntyharju decided to build a campsite in Tommolansalmi.

The area became privately owned in 1979, when Mr. Aaro Pulkka’s family bought the campsite business from the municipality. Since then, Tommolansalmi has been a 100% Finnish family business.

In the beginning, Tommolansalmi served mainly as an accommodation for campers. The first cottages built in the area were modest, but they met the demand of hikers. In addition to the cottages, a kiosk was built in the area, which initially had its own postal service, and letters leaving Tommolansalmi received their own postage stamp.

In 1985, Mr. Aaro Pulkka and Mrs. Raili Pulkka opened the Tommola Bar, which further complemented the range of services in the area.

A generational change was made in Tommolansalmi in 1992, when siblings Mrs. Eeva Leskinen and Mrs. Merja Perttola took over the operations and they started running the business instead of their parents.

Since then, the area has been developed in a more modern and diverse direction, and operations have expanded to year-round tourism services.

In addition, the kiosk got a new look and became an A-licensed summer restaurant.

Today, Tommolansalmi is a versatile resort and recreation place where Eeva and Merja warmly welcome you for a holiday!