Tommolansalmi campsite maintenance building

Maintenance buildings

The new service building in our campsite was completed in 2018.

The building is heated in winter, so the building especially serves our customers who stay all year round.


Tommolansalmi maintenance building


The building has separate modern toilets for women and men and a separate room with a toilet and a shower for the people with disabilities.

There is a washing machine for camping guests in the same room for people with disabilities, which can be rented from the restaurant.

There is also a changing table for babies, a potty and a step tool for toilet for children, a bathtub for babies, as well as the possibility to take a shower with small children.


Tommolansalmi maintenance building


Next to the building there is a drain well in the ground for gray waters and the building also has a drain for a chemical toilet and a clean water point.

Showers, saunas and toilets

The showers reserved for guests are in the lakeside sauna building (at the end of the building next to the road).


Tommolansalmi campsite showers


The showers are built for year-round use, ie they are tiled and have underfloor heating. The showers have hot water.

On both the women’s and men’s sides, there is a separate dressing room and a shower area with two showers separated by shower walls and shower curtains.

There are several modern toilets in the area.

In addition to the toilets in the new service building, there is a customer toilet next to the summer restaurant, which also has a changing table for babies.

In addition, there are modern toilets in the lakeside sauna.


Tommolansalmi traditional sauna

Lakeside sauna and traditional sauna for rent

You can rent an electrically heated lakeside sauna and a traditional Finnish wood-heated sauna from us all year round.

Garbage and waste sorting

The camping area has a waste and recycling point where garbage can be left sorted.

We recycle e.g. biowaste, glass, metal, paper and cardboard.

The recycling point is opposite the lakeside sauna building on the other side of the road.

Information on the location of the recycling point can be found at the reception in the restaurant and on the map of the camping area.