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Coronavirus information

Updated 30.6.2021

Dear Customers!

Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre is open according to our normal business hours.

Our holiday cottages can be rented normally and can be cancelled under normal cancellation terms.

Our campsite will open in May and the summer restaurant will open at the end of May, unless the general situation in Finland limits our operations.

We adhere to the decisions and recommendations of the Finnish government and health authorities regarding our opening hours and activities. Therefore, when using the services of the campsite, it is good to keep in mind the decisions of the authorities, so for example barbecue shelters and campfire sites may only be used by one family / group at a time, and in public areas, a safe distance from other people should be maintained.

Depending on the situation, some services or activities or equipment (which can be booked or borrowed) may also be temporarily unavailable or restricted, or a separate shift must be reserved for certain services to allow us to regularly clean and disinfect the premises and equipment.

To ensure our clients safety, we have paid particular attention to cleaning and hygiene of the premises.

Please note that in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we will seek to minimize personal interactions. We therefore hope that you place your order preferably electronically and that you also deal with our staff electronically (e.g. by phone, text message or Whatsapp). For example, if you place a food order at a summer restaurant, we can deliver it to you out.

We also hope that when you come to the reception of the summer restaurant / camping area, only one person is visiting inside the restaurant (at the checkout) at a time and the others are waiting outside.

We hope that you won’t stay with us if you develop or your family / group develops symptoms suggestive of the coronavirus. In case of illness, you can get a refund for your accommodation according to our cancellation policy.

As the situation in Finland can change very quickly and we may not have time to update real-time information on our website. We ask our customers to follow our information on our Facebook pages. We update it regularly with up-to-date information.

Read also the general coronavirus situation and recommendations for travellers: Coronavirus website of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare

Welcome to Tommolansalmi and have a safe holiday!