Resort rules and regulations

The Tommolansalmi area is divided into three parts: 1) an area with a café-restaurant, a car park and pier, 2) sauna areas and beaches and 3) a campsite. The restaurant and the guest boat dock (pier) are open to all. The sauna area is reserved for those who have reserved a sauna. The campsite and beaches ath the campsite are only for the use of those staying in Tommolansalmi. The visit of other persons in the area is only allowed with the permission of the staff.

The camping area has its own area reserved for cottages, motorhomes and tents. The location of different accommodation types can be found on the area map.

Check in and out of the campsite

Cottages, rooms and campsites and their keys can be received from the reception in the restaurant on the first day of accommodation from 16:00 / 4pm.

During the winter season, the accommodation period starts at 15:00 / 3pm and the handover of the keys must be agreed in advance with the staff.

Reservations made through the reservation system: Cottages and camping pitches booked and paid for in advance through the reservation system are kept reserved until the customer arrives. In the summer season, a customer who has made a reservation through the reservation system also does not have to inform the staff of the arrival time, if he arrives at Tommolansalmi when the reception of the campsite and the summer restaurant are open (until 21:00 / 9pm). If the customer arrives only after this, the arrival time must be announced in advance. During the winter season, the arrival time must always be announced to the staff well in advance.

Reservations to be paid on site: Pre-booked cottages and camping pitches, which have not been reserved and paid for in advance in the reservation system and which are paid only upon arrival at the site, are kept reserved until 18:00 / 6pm, unless a later arrival time has been agreed upon. If you arrive before 18:00 / 6pm, you do not need to inform us of your arrival time. If the customer does not arrive by 18:00 / 6pm and does not inform the staff of the late arrival in advance, Tommolansalmi has the right to sell the pre-booked place to another customer.

Accommodation in the cottages ends at 11:30 / 11.30am, by which time the key must be handed over to the staff.

Accommodation in caravan / motorhome pitches and tent pitches ends at 11:30 / 11.30am.

Use of electrical equipment

In the campsite, you can use and charge your own electrical devices in the electrified campsite pitches reserved for you. You can also use and charge your own electrical devices in the holiday cottages and summer cottages, excluding electric cars.

The use and charging of your own electrical devices (such as travel refrigerators, battery-powered devices, etc.) and the charging of electric cars are prohibited in the campsite buildings (e.g. saunas, maintenance buildings, barbecue lean-tos and huts and outdoors kitchen), because the electrical systems of these buildings are not designed for such use. However, charging mobile phones in these buildings is allowed.

Charging electric cars in holiday cottages and summer cottages is also prohibited.

If you don’t have an electrified campsite pitch reserved and you want to charge the batteries of your own devices or, for example, a travel refrigerator or an electric car, you can reserve an electrified campsite pitch for a fee for the charging period (the campsite’s normal electricity fee according to the consumption of the meter). Reservations can be made from the staff.

Sorting of waste and recycling

The campsite has a waste and recycling point where waste can be left sorted. We recycle e.g. biowaste, glass, metal, paper and cardboard.

The waste bins in the campsite are for normal household waste only. Hazardous waste or large waste such as tents, tables, sun loungers, parasols, grills etc. which belong in landfill must not be left in or near the bins. If necessary, we will charge an extra fee for the cleaning and recycling of this waste afterwards if the customer leaves it on the site.

Information on the location of the recycling point can be obtained from the restaurant reception and the campsite area map.

Littering is prohibited in the area

A cleaning and recycling fee may be charged afterwards for littering.

Making a fire in a camping area

Making a fire is allowed in the campsite only in public campfire sites and barbecue shelters. The camping area has barbecue shelters for general use, as well as a public campfire site and a shed on the shores of Lake Korpijärvi. They include lighters and logs for lighting a fire. The barbecue shelters have multi-functional Finnish grills. Cooking and barbecue facilities can be borrowed free of charge from the restaurant. They should be returned there washed.

You can also use your own trangia at the campfire site. Elsewhere in the campsite, the use of trangias is prohibited.

For safety reasons, the use of own grills (including disposable grills) is also prohibited.


Smoking is only allowed in designated areas of the resort.

Due to the risk of fire, smoking products should only be removed to the bins provided for them once they have been properly extinguished.

Other rules

It is forbidden to bring dangerous substances and objects into the resort area.

A person who does not follow the rules of the resort will be removed from the area immediately.