Tommolansalmi campsite barbecue hut

Cooking facilities

Guests staying in the camping area of our resort can use the outdoors kitchen for summer cooking.

The electrified kitchen has drainage, and provides clean drinkable water from the campsite’s own well.

The outdoors kitchen has a hotplate for cooking, a microwave, a regular oven and kitchen sinks.

In addition, there are cooking utensils in the outdoors kitchen. If you can’t find them there, go ask for cooking utensils to borrow from the summer restaurant!

The second water intake point of the campsite is in the new maintenance building.

Cutlery can be picked up free of charge on loan from our resort’s summer restaurant. They should be returned washed.

Garbage and waste recycling

Garbage and rubbish should always be taken to a waste and recycling point after cooking.

The recycling point is in the woods opposite the lakeside sauna on the other side of the road.

Public barbecue huts and lean-tos

Our resort has a Finnish barbecue hut for general use by the lake. In addition, we have a big hut in the woods. Both have multi-functional Finnish grills.

In addition, you can use a public campfire place on the shores of Lake Korpijärvi and a large lean-to (shed) by the lake, where you can also smoke food.

We also have a new lean-to (shed) next to the wooden sauna by the lake, which can be rented separately for use. The lean-to has a campfire place. The lean-to can be rented during the summer season from our summer restaurant and during the winter season by contacting our staff.

All barbecue areas have lighters and logs for lighting fires. More logs can be found in the wood storage in the beach lean-to if needed.

Sausage sticks, crepe pans, cooking utensils for grills, smoking utensils and other barbecue utensils can be borrowed free of charge from the restaurant. Equipment should be returned washed.

You can also use your own trangia in the campfire sites.

Note! Making a fire in the barbecue areas is only allowed if there is no forest fire warning in the area!