Tommolansalmi campsite lean-to

Campsite services

Free services at our resort include, for example, an outdoors kitchen, a large barbecue hut in the woods and a smaller barbecue hut by the lake, a lean-to (shed) and a campfire place by the lake, and a modern new service building with e.g. modern childcare facilities. All these services are at your disposal free of charge at the accommodation price.

In addition, we have two saunas for rent all year round on the shore of Lake Korpijärvi, as well as a lean-to and a campfire that can be rented together with a traditional Finnish sauna.

You can also charge electric cars at our resort. Charging is done by reserving an electrified campsite pitch for the charging period. The charging fee is determined according to the consumption of the electricity meter in accordance with the normal electricity fees of the campsite.

Services in the campsite

Tommolansalmi lakeside sauna

Lakeside sauna for rent

Our electrically heated lakeside sauna, which can be rented all year round, is located on the shores of Lake Korpijärvi and has two separate sauna sections, each of which can accommodate max. group of 6 people. In front of the sauna there is a shallow child-friendly beach. You don’t have to heat the sauna yourself, because it is rented pre-heated.

Tommolansalmi traditional sauna

Traditional Finnish sauna for rent

Our atmospheric traditional Finnish wooden sauna can be rented all year round. The sauna is located on the shores of Lake Korpijärvi and next to it there is a separate lean-to and a campfire. The sauna can accommodate max. group of 4 people. The sauna experience happens in the traditional way in natural light, and the sauna experience also includes heating the sauna itself.

Tommolansalmi campsite barbecue hut

Cooking facilities

Our campsite has a variety of cooking facilities. You can cook in the large or smaller barbecue hut or in the lean-to or by the campfire by the lake. You can borrow from us all the necessary cooking utensils and cutlery for free, for example, for grilling or smoking or if you want to make crepes. Our barbecue huts also have multi-functional Finnish grills.

Tommolansalmi campsite maintenance building

Maintenance buildings

Our modern new service building has separate toilets for women and men, as well as a room with a toilet and a shower for disabled people, as well as a washing machine and childcare facilities and the possibility to take the youngest children in the family to the shower. In addition, we have separate modern shower rooms for women and men in our lakeside sauna building.