Biking at Lake Korpijärvi and nearby areas

Equipment rental shop

You can rent activities such as canoes, sup boards, boats and bikes from our equipment rental shop.

Ask the staff for free activities!

Before making a reservation, read the Booking Terms for equipment rental on the Booking Terms page.

Bicycles for rent

From Tommolansalmi, you can cycle on easy-access quiet forest roads suitable for the whole family, and you can borrow bicycles for small children for free.

For amateur cyclists, there are also more demanding and longer cycling routes on gravel roads, which are ideal for fatbikes, mountain bikes or gravel bikes, for example.

We have the following bikes for rent:

  • Bicycles for small children (max. 7-8 years old) – free
  • Bicycles for school-age children and cycling helmets – for rent
  • Adult bicycles and cycling helmets – for rent

Bicycle rental

You can rent bicycles during the summer season from our equipment rental shop and during the winter season by contacting our customer service.


See our rental price list for bicycle rental prices.

Hiking map of the Lake Korpijärvi area

A new hiking map will be published for the Korpijärvi area by summer 2021, which will also allow you to plan bike routes. Ask our staff for a hiking map.

More information

More information on cycling opportunities in Lake Korpijärvi as well as ready-made bike route suggestions and maps can be found on the Korpijärvi region’s tourism website:

The new cycling maps will be published in the autumn of 2021.

See especially this page: