Tommolansalmi restaurant drinks

Hot and cold beverages and drinks

Our restaurant is not only a summer restaurant, but also a summer living room favored by nearby residents and tourists, where you can drink for example delicious beers and ciders.

A wide variety of fresh summer drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Our restaurant offers a changing selection of Finland’s most popular beers, handmade beers from the local brewery and specialty beers preferred by customers.

The list also includes the popular ciders as well as the popular non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks.

The products can also be purchased according to the takeaway principle.

We also have a variety of mineral waters, vitaminized summer drinks and other most popular summer drinks in the cooler cabinet, which you can enjoy with us or bring with you.

The kitchen of our restaurant closes about an hour before the closing time, but on our terrace it is possible to enjoy drinks until the closing time.


JUICE (2 dl) €1.50

HOT CHOCOLATE (2 dl) €3.00

TEA (2 dl) €2.50

COFFEE SIZE S/M/L €2.50/€3.00/€3.50

LEMONADE (0,25 l) €2.60 *

LEMONADE (0,3 l) €2.60 *

LEMONADE (0,5 l) €3.50 *

* A recycle price for the bottle is not included. We’ll charge the recycle price only when you take the bottle with you.

Recycle prices: 0,25 l: €0.10, 0,3 l: €0.15, 0,5 l: €0.20.

Beers, ciders, wines and drinks


We have a changing selection of the most popular beers in Finland available, as well as special beers and beers from small breweries in Finland as well as beers from our local brewery.

We also take into account the favorites of our regular customers, and we also order our customers’ favourite beers to the restaurant.


We have a changing selection of dry, semi-dry and sweet ciders and gin long drinks available.


We have a changing selection of red wines and white wines available.


We have cognac, bacardi rum, vodka, and other popular alcoholic drinks available.


Ask for non-alcoholic drinks from our restaurant!

Takeaway beverages and drinks (in the cooler cabinet)


You can buy beers, ciders and other alcohol products to take away.


We have a changing selection of mineral waters, speciality drinks, health drinks and energy drinks available. You can drink them at the restaurant or take them with you.