Winter activities

Skiing, skating and freestyle swimming

In winter, Tommolansalmi offers ice fishing and skiing in the resort’s nearby forests.

If there’s enough snow, we usually make a trail that goes around the resort’s forest.

If you do not have your own ski equipment, you can borrow skis, ski boots and poles from us free of charge, as long as you notify us in advance what size ski equipment you need. A limited number of sizes are available.

If there is enough ice and we can clear a flat area on the ice, you can also skate on the ice of Lake Korpijärvi.

The bravest also take a dip in the ice hole made for Lake Korpijärvi to refresh themselves. We make an ice hole next to the lakeside sauna whenever the ice and snow situation allows.

You can rent our lakeside sauna for ice swimming.

Note! Make sure equipment is available in advance during the winter season, as we do not store all equipment in the camping area during the winter.

Activities on ice and sledding

Popular winter activities include sledding and walking on the lake ice! If the ice situation allows, we also have the opportunity to skate and ski on the ice of the lake.

If the ice situation allows, you can also ski or walk and have a winter picnic on the nearby Korpisaari island where there is a grill hut for a break. Bring firewood and matches, as they may not always be in stock at the grill hut.

Sledding equipment and kicksleds are available on loan free of charge.

More information

More information on winter activities in and around Korpijärvi can be found on the Korpijärvi area tourist website:

See especially the following page: