Tommolansalmi fishing

Fishing in Lake Korpijärvi and nearby waters

Equipment rental shop

You can rent activities such as canoes, sup boards, boats and bikes from our equipment rental shop.

Before making a reservation, read the Booking Terms for equipment rental on the Booking Terms page.

Fishing equipment for rent

With us you can try angling with basic fishing rods for free! Borrow equipment from the resort’s reception / summer restaurant and try your luck at the pier in front of the lakeside sauna.

You can also rent a rowing boat (see equipment rental shop) and even take a fishing and picnic trip to nearby Korpisaari island!

In winter, you can also borrow ice fishing equipment for free. Before ice fishing, be sure to make sure from the staff that the ice is thick enough and safe to walk on.

We have the following fishing equipment available for rent:

  • Basic fishing rods – free
  • Ice fishing equipment (rucksack, snow scoop, ice-fishing nails, ice-fishing gear, ice drill) – free
  • Fishing worms – extra charge

Fishing permits

Angling with a standard worm hook and ice fishing do not require a fishing permit.

You can buy fishing permits during the summer season from our resort’s reception / summer restaurant and during the winter season by contacting our staff.

Read more about fishing permits in Lake Korpijärvi on our region’s tourism website:

Fishing equipment rental

Fishing equipment can be rented and borrowed during the summer season from our resort’s reception / summer restaurant.

During the winter season, fishing equipment can be rented and borrowerd by contacting our staff.


See fishing equipment rental prices in our activity price list.

Bringing your own boat to Lake Korpijärvi

You can bring your own fishing boat to Lake Korpijärvi.

Next to our summer restaurant there is a guest boat dock and a boat ramp that can be used.

More information

For more information on fishing opportunities in Korpijärvi, as well as fishing gear and fishing permits for rent, visit the Korpijärvi tourism website:

See especially this page: