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Tommolansalmi, traditional sauna

Traditional wood-fired Finnish lakeside sauna for rent

Do you want to enjoy softer heat in a traditional wood-fired Finnish sauna? Our nostalgic sauna awakens old memories and gives you a unique sauna experience with relaxing heat.

Information about the traditional saunaThe wood-fired sauna is located in a separate area, on Lake Korpijärvi’s bank at the campsite territory’s side.

The sauna has a heat room, a wardrobe and a terrace. There is no electricity in this old sauna; you can enjoy the experience in the great atmosphere of candlelight.

There is also no separate shower room; instead, water for washing is taken the traditional way, carried from the lake to be heated up in a water tank beside the heat stones.

The crown of the sauna experience is jumping from the heat room right into the clear water of Lake Korpijärvi and enjoying soft drinks on the sauna terrace. You can buy soft drinks from the restaurant.

The sauna can be booked pre-heated or you can heat it yourself.

With heating time, the sauna is booked for 1.5 hours and it is always the first booking of the day. You can heat the sauna with provided firewood and carry the water from the lake on your own. You will have about an hour to enjoy the heated sauna after that.

When wrapping up the sauna experience, please make sure that the sauna is hot and the water tank is full for next guests.

All sauna times after that are booked as one hour and guests need to make sure that the sauna remains hot all the time, adding firewood into the stove as necessary. Also, every sauna experience must finish with full water tank for next guests.

The sauna can be booked from the restaurant.

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Booking prices for the wood-fired sauna

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