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Tommolansalmi, restaurant

Summer restaurant and café and reception

Our summer restaurant/café serves guests alongside Route 15 from dawn til dusk in summer season.

Rest from your travel, have a refreshing coffee or ice cream and enjoy the beautiful view on Lake Korpijärvi. The restaurant has a large covered terrace so you’re welcome on rainy days as well.

We offer a wide selection of hot and cold dishes. The menu includes a lot of high-quality ingredients from nearby – local delicacies and homemade food and pastries!

The menu includes appropriate options for people with food-allergy.

Dishes are available for take-away if you wish.

Read more about the restaurant on our restaurant website: (information in English)


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Registration for accommodation

The restaurant is also a reception desk for the camping’s guests.

Pre-ordered buffet breakfasts and other breakfast options

We prepare breakfast for our guests at our restaurant upon request. We have a buffet breakfast, a smaller picnic breakfast and a porridge breakfast available.

Breakfast must be booked in advance. Buffet breakfast can be ordered from the reservation system when booking accommodation. It can also be ordered on-site the night before. Smaller breakfasts (picnic breakfast and porridge breakfast) can be ordered on site at the restaurant the night before.

Almost all meals and pastries are made from local ingredients in our kitchen.

The buffet breakfast includes for example porridge, cereal or muesli; alternatively, you can also order omelette with your favorite fillings. For example yogurt, fresh Finnish berries or juice soup, bread and a variety of vegetables/cheese/meat and something sweet are also available. You can drink for example coffee, tea, milk and juice with your breakfast.

We also take special diets into account as long as they are mentioned in advance when ordering.

You can also take breakfast with you. You can borrow moisture-protected quilts from the restaurant if you want to have a picnic outside the restaurant. Ask the restaurant for popular picnic spots in the area. You can also buy a variety of other meals and homemade pastries for breakfast at the restaurant.

Catering and dinners for groups

You can also pre-order lunches and dinners for groups. Read more about the catering services on our restaurant website: (information in English)

Take-away lunches, dinners and pastries

Our lunches, dinners and pastries are available for take-away if you wish. Just be sure to order your preferred pastries in advance, because the buns and pies baked in the restaurant every day are very popular and some may run out before nightfall. You can place orders to our customer service via telephone or e-mail or at the restaurant.

Open hours of the restaurant

Our café-restaurant serves guests in summer season (May–August/September):
Monday-Thursday 9–(20)
Friday, Saturday 9–(21)
Sunday 9–(20)

Our closing time in the evening is flexible and it depends on the weather and customer situation. In June and in July we are usually open until late at night in the weekend. Our closing time in the end of the summer is also flexible and it also depends on the weather and customer situation.






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