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Tommolansalmi, events

Events in Tommolansalmi Holiday Centre

On this page you can find information about events at Tommolansalmi.

Also remember to watch the following events calendars:

Events in Mikkeli region:

Events in Kouvola region:

Event calendar in Mäntyharju is only in Finnish. So ask our customer service for more information about the events in Mäntyharju area. You can also see some of our local events in the Mikkeli's event calendar.

Opening hours 2018

Our café is open from May to August and campsite is open from May to September/October (depending on the weather) but we also offer year-round cottage rental. In the wintertime call our customer service for more information.

Upcoming events in 2018

We will publish more information about the events in the end of the May and in the beginning of the June.

Events during the winter holiday season

The Outdoor Association of Finland (Suomen Latu) will celebrate its 80th birthday this year! In honor of the birthday the organization hopes that everybody will make snowmen from January 28 to March 11. and share pictures of snowmen in social media with the hashtag #UlkonaKuinLumiukko (outside like a snowman).

We at Tommolansalmi want to congratulate the organization and build our own snowmen. If weather conditions are perfect, we will make snowmen during winter vacation. Join us and share your pictures with hashtags #UlkonaKuinLumiukko and #Tommolansalmi.

Ask our customer service for more information!

We will also have plenty of other things to do during the winter vacation at Lake Korpijärvi. If the ice and weather conditions allow, we will have skiing and ice skating opportunities on the lake. Ask our customer service for more information about these activities during the winter holiday season. See also our other Activities!

Big boat race at Lake Korpijärvi in June

We will organize our traditional rowing race with church boats in June.

We will publish the day and the timetable later this year.

We welcome all those who are interested in the race to encourage participants!

Our restaurant is open normally during the whole event.

Renewed bicycle event in June

Our traditional bicycle event will be renewed this year. The idea is to cycle along the Korpijärvi bike paths - both on the road and in the woods – with your family or with your friends. Everybody can join us – even the children!

More information on the event is due in the spring.

Midsummer party for the whole family on Friday 22.6.2018

Tommolansalmi's traditional Midsummer's family celebration begins at about 6pm. The midsummer bonfire lights up around 9 pm. We will also have a child-friendly program for the whole family!

There is free admission to the event, and we will welcome our camping guests, all the residents in the holiday cottages and local people to our party!

Our restaurant is open on Midsummer Eve from early morning until late at night. You can buy local food, hot barbecues, pastries, refreshments and alcoholic beverages.

Our restaurant serves the whole midsummer weekend from early morning until late night.

We will publish a more detailed timetable on our website later this spring.

Enjoy Finnish sauna culture for free - Rantasauna Day (”Lakeside Sauna Day”) in July

Rantasauna Day (Lakeside Sauna Day) is a new event in Tommolansalmi and in the Mikkeli area. During that day we want to celebrate Finnish sauna culture and invite everyone who is interested in wellness, leisure and sauna culture to enjoy sauna culture for free.

The municipalities in the Mikkeli area are involved in the event.

In Tommolansalmi you can rent two saunas for free: an electrically heated beach sauna and a wood-heated beach sauna. Sauna is free and sauna time is always one hour. Both saunas are also ideal for families with children, as there is a shallow, child friendly sandy beach in front of the saunas.

We will release more information about the program of the day later this summer.

”Sleep night outdoors” event in September

The Outdoor Association of Finland (Suomen Latu) challenges everybody to sleep night outdoors in September. The purpose of the day is to enjoy the wildlife and everybody's right to sleep outdoors. A person may sleep outdoors in a national park, at a campsite or even in the backyard.

We respond to the challenge by offering the opportunity to come and camp in the tent for free.

So take your friends or family and come and experience a free, unbridled night at Lake Korpijärvi!

We will publish the actual day and the timetable later this year.

And there is no need to worry about rain or bold weather - our big barbecue huts offer the opportunity to warm up near the fire during the night. Our restaurant is also open until late at night. You can even warm up on our terrace with hot drinks and beverages!

Rowing trips with a big boat (church boat) in summer season (June-August)

Every week in Tommolansalmi is a rowing trip day with a big boat (called church boat). The trip lasts for about a couple of hours. Our professional rowers take camping guests along for free, even if you have no prior rowing experience. The boat has room for just four passengers though, in addition to the professional rowers, so please book the rowing trip in advance via our customer service.

NB! If you wish to go on a rowing trip with a larger company of friends, book a big boat of your own for a rental fee (also via our customer service).

NB! Keep an eye on weather forecasts – bad weather means cancelled rowing trips!


See also what a holiday on Lake Korpijärvi looks like! Here you can see some images of our events.

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